Hurricane Maria

September 18, 2017: Current Update #9A – The evacuation start time calculated by Hurrevac for Hillsborough, FL is Thursday, September 21, 2017 at 3 PM.


Hurricane Irma

9:00 AM – Boarded up and hunkered down – Expecting 9 hours of 40 mph winds starting at 11:00 AM then 16 hours of 60 mph winds starting at 8:00 PM then 9 hours of hurricane force 75+ mph winds starting at Midnight. Peak wind speed at 4:00 AM Monday at 106 mph. Hurrevac Update #45A for Pasco County, FL.

12:30 PM – Vince trying to fly a kite – No wind

nap happened here

brownies were delivered

8:30 PM – Wind Speed 30 mph. Hurrevac Update #47A for Pasco County, FL.

September 11, 2017 – All is good. Didn’t even lose power.


Catch the Cause

Rusty Hooker

For those of you who have had the pleasure of boating, fishing and cruising with Capt. Chris Molinaro you know his true love for the water and his joy of sharing his adventures with others. Chris’s passion to bring others happiness is now geared as well toward helping “Catch the Cause” bring awareness and to help others in this fight against Hodgkins and Non Hodgkins Lymphoma.
We will be raffling off the “Rusty Hooker”. Ticket availability will be posted as soon as they arrive.

Catch the Cause